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If you care about taxes you should care about Oakwood

The fight to save Oakwood kicked up a notch this week when South Euclid City Council voted unanimously to rezone it to make way for big box and “value-oriented”retail. If you have followed the news about Oakwood, it documents South … Continue reading

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Stop the Oakwood Rezoning Now

What is the big hurry to develop the Oakwood Property? There are plenty of other uses that could benefit the region much more… Instead of rushing to develop a piece of land that only comes along once-in-a-century (or really once-in-history), … Continue reading

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Oakwood Quiz: Did the traffic study for Oakwood consider Cedar Center?

No!   Cedar Center is going to be developed. Cedar Center is 6 blocks from Oakwood.   The traffic study for Oakwood did not take Cedar Center into consideration.   University Heights just approved a McDonald’s to be built about … Continue reading

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Transcript and summary of Oakwood Public Hearing May 25, 2011

Citizens for Oakwood provided this summary and transcript. Summary of South Euclid Public Hearing (May 25, 2011) on Rezoning of Oakwood land The Citizens for Oakwood organization commissioned a court reporter to make a transcript of the public hearing which … Continue reading

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Some last words before South Euclid approves the Oakwood rezoning

In the real world, how often do you get the chance to ask: If we could do anything, what would it be? That’s the essence of my objection to what’s happening at the former Oakwood golf course today. While I’m … Continue reading

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