Rules and Frequently Asked Questions

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About the FAQs

This document is a work in progress. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please ask our volunteer webmaster.


  • Blog: A series of posts by the same person
  • Post: A single entry in a blog. It may consist of any amount of text, photos, videos, links, etc. in any combination, order and length.
  • Comment: An answer written at the bottom of a post.

About the Heights Observer [Blogs]

Who is behind this blog site?

  • This blog site is published by the Heights Observer/FutureHeights, as a forum for residents of Cleveland Heights and University Heights, Ohio.
  • Views expressed are the opinion of each author  and do not reflect those of the Heights Observer or FutureHeights.

What is the subject of this blog site?

  • All content here has a common thread: Life in the Heights.

Who may comment on this site, and how?

  • Anybody, regardless of residency, may comment on blog posts simply by registering. Please see the section Rules and commenting on blog posts below.
  • Registration for the Heights Observer/Blogs is a different registration than for the Heights Observer member center.

Why do I have to register in order to leave a comment?

  • Anonymous comments are not allowed here. Requiring registration, with both first and last name, helps to emphasize that message, and it prevents the need to delete lots of anonymous comments. Fact is, you can still register without providing your first and last name. But few people bother to do so (and if you do, your anonymous comments will still be deleted).

Who may post to this site, and how?

What happens when I register?

  • Registration will establish a profile for you. You may adjust the information in this profile.
  • Registration automatically allows you to comment on posts.
  • Registration does not automatically allow you to contribute posts. To do that, you need to register and then let our webmaster know you’re interested in writing so he can set you up with the necessary level of access.

Why does a certain post get to appear first on the home page, and how do I find other posts on the site?

  • Recent posts appear in chronological order (newest first) in the center section of the home page.
  • Other areas of the page are set up to feature posts that are of particular interest, importance and variety. The method for featuring these posts is semi-automated and managed by the webmaster.
  • Other posts can be found using the following tools:
    • The main menu, which provides a list of all regular contributors and major topics.
    • The author/topic search box in the “sidebar” of each page.
    • The keyword search box in the “sidebar” of each page.

If you have a concern about content posted on this website, write to the webmaster.

Rules and commenting on blog posts

I’ve submitted a comment, but it hasn’t appeared at the bottom of the post?

  • Public posting of some comments may require moderator approval based on the anti-spam settings of this website.

What rules or restrictions are there on posts and comments?

  • Bloggers are required to use their real names, and so are people who choose to leave comments. This is intended to encourage fair dialogue and discourage people from saying things online that they wouldn’t say in person. People who registered before this rule was posted are encouraged to change their profile to reflect their real name – first and last.
  • Civility and brevity are encouraged.
  • Posts and comments on this site are not edited or pre-screened. All posts and comments are assumed to be opinion and commentary, and are therefore protected under the legal doctrine of “Fair comment.” Upon complaint, posts/comments will be reviewed and may be removed at the discretion of the webmaster and the Heights Observer’s volunteer advisory committee for the following reasons:
    • Not relevant to the original blog post.
    • Obscene, abusive or libelous content.
    • Encouraging dangerous or illegal activity.
    • Willful misrepresentation of documented facts.

About Blog posts and bloggers

How does a blogger get his or her name to appear on the left-hand sidebar?

  • Bloggers who post regularly (several times per month) are identified by name on the home page. Those who post once or only occasionally are identified as Guest Bloggers. This process is handled manually by the webmaster.

What restrictions are there on blog posts?

  • Posts are not edited or pre-screened, but may be removed upon review of the webmaster or the Heights Observer’s volunteer advisory committee, for the following reasons:
    • Off-topic from the assignment of “Life in the Heights.”
    • Obscene, abusive or libelous content.
    • Encouraging dangerous or illegal activity.
    • Willful misrepresentation of documented facts.
  • This site is intended for use by people of all ages. Language and themes in posts should not exceed the generally understood standards of a PG-13 rating.

Tips for bloggers

  • Be accurate and clear. Posts may express opinions, facts or both, but make it clear which is which. Bloggers are responsible for the accuracy of their assertions.
  • Promote your work. The Heights Observer proactively promotes new blog posts through various sources, such as its regular e-mail newsletter and social media network.
    But you probably know other people who may be interested in your post. Let them know by providing them with a link to your blog via e-mail and any social media sites you may use – and ask them to forward the link to even more people who might be interested.
  • Write a strong headline. Create a headline that really describes what your post is about. Include keywords in the headline that people might use when searching the Internet.
    Use strong words that make the post sound interesting.
    Use knowledge of your own Internet/search habits to write a headline that would get your attention. Clarity matters more than cleverness.
  • Include links to other relevant resources. It’s a leading practice and part of the culture of blogging to credit other people’s ideas and words by linking to where you found them.
    It also adds value for readers, by providing fuller context and additional resources.
    Links make your blog easier to find through search engines; the more links you use, the higher your search engine ranking will be.
  • Dress up your  post with a photo or artwork. That makes it more appealing when it’s promoted in places like Facebook, and helps get the  post noticed on the home page.
    Make sure you have the legal right to use any photo you choose to post. For instance, you may not simply scrape a photo from another website without risking a copyright violation – and the Heights Observer is very serious about respecting and honoring intellectual property rights.
    Some of the best photos are those you take yourself. Leading contributors make it a habit to snap photos on their cameras or cell phones  for use with blog posts.
  • Index your post before publishing. Fill in the appropriate categories (right side of the “New Post” page) and the appropriate tags (immediately below the Categories).

Questions? Send a note to the webmaster.


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