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Heights Observer [Blogs] is part of the Heights Observer project, a community-based news outlet with content written and edited by volunteers. It is operated on a non-profit basis by FutureHeights, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All stakeholders in the community are invited to participate.

Heights Observer [Blogs] is a less-structured piece of the project, designed to offer more free-flowing commentary than the confines of a printed newspaper can allow.

Contributions to the [Blogs] are welcome by any Cleveland Heights and University Heights stakeholder. Topics are wide open – anything that has to do with “life in the Heights.”

Anyone may comment on any blog post simply by registering here.

Anyone may become a blogger by:

  1. Registering here
  2. And then contacting the Heights Observer [Blogs] webmaster with your username and a brief note.

The goals of the Heights Observer project – including this site – are:

  • To be a community advocate
  • To be a catalyst for public discourse
  • To keep residents informed
  • To promote citizen involvement
  • To reflect diversity and to improve the overall quality of life for residents

Before contributing, please read the Rules and Comments section of the FAQ page.

For more information about the project, visit the Heights Observer.