Update on CH water system from City Council Member Jason Stein

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Photo Jul 08, 10 11 49 AMThe water system in Cleveland Heights is in need of significant repair, estimated at $20 million. It also owes more than $3 million to the Cleveland Water Department, which supplies water to Cleveland Heights through a “master meter” (i.e. Cleveland Heights pays for all the water it uses, and then distributes the water to residents for a fee that it collects).

With such large immediate expenses the city is looking for ways to reduce the short-term burden on residents. CH City Council Member Jason Stein has kept residents aware of proceedings through his blog.

Here’s the latest update, on a proposal by the Cleveland Water Department to take over management of the Cleveland Heights water system:

Cleveland Water has submitted a proposed framework to begin direct service with Cleveland Heights. This is a positive first step. But, there are still important questions that will hopefully be answered sooner than later. Here is the Memorandum from Cleveland Heights City Manager, Tanisha Briley to City Council. [Read the rest]


  1. Fran Mentch says

    Isn’t the proper place for these documents on the Cleveland Heights city website?

    Why do we have to go to a private blog to see the memorandum?

    Could you have posted them directly on the Heights Observer page?
    I don’t understand why we were directed to a politician’s personal blog.

    Thank you.

  2. says

    The Heights Observer operates on a volunteer basis. I’m not able to address your questions why these documents were posted where they were. But the purpose in posting them here is to make them more readily available.

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