Photo essay and thoughts on Coventry Village

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Photos by Robert N. Brown

Robert Brown is a city planning consultant of note. Named a Fellow of the American Institute of City Planners (FAIP) and recipient of APA’s national award for excellence in comprehensive planning, he served for a decade as the Director of Planning for the City of Cleveland. During that time he prepared Cleveland’s Civic Vision 2000 Citywide Plan and led work in the Reimagining a More Sustainable Cleveland project.

Where does a top urban planner in Northeast Ohio choose to live? For the last dozen years Brown has lived in Cleveland Heights’ Coventry Village Neighborhood, which he calls “a great neighborhood” – one that “makes residents feel connected to one another.  It is a place of ‘neighborliness.’  It is a place that helps create a sense of community.”

In a blog post on his website, Brown recently put together his thoughts on the physical characteristics that make Coventry Village work, and he paired it with a beautiful photo essay that highlights some of the neighborhood’s most important characteristics that many of us have always taken for granted.

A few pages of his photo essay are included here, but take a look at the whole thing; there are a lot more photos worth seeing.

You can read them here:

Coventry Village: A great neighborhood

Classy and Quirky: A photo essay of Coventry Village

Photos by Robert N. Brown

Photos by Robert N. Brown


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