Cleveland Heights City Hall is now a bank.

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I was very pleased to hear that Milliken School was sold to Mosdos.

But, I am confused as to why the sale is contingent on the city of Cleveland Heights financing the purchase.

What is the justification for Cleveland Heights City Council offering to finance this sale?

(I imagine that the school board members were very happy that Cleveland Heights City Council took them off the hook. Now they can direct any questions about the sale to them.)

I am concerned that by financing this sale, the city of Cleveland Heights will be opening a can of worms. The many places of worship (all non-profits, for that matter) in the city can now look to the city of Cleveland Heights to finance their projects.

How will city council justify ever telling them no?

To be sure that this decision meets the highest ethical standards, shouldn’t council member Jason Stein disclose his past and present relationship to the Mosdos congregation?

I don’t understand why Mosdos is getting financing from the city of Cleveland Heights instead of a bank.

Do you?


  1. Garry Kanter says

    A loan of $650,000 is unimaginable. And yet…

    The city refuses to learn from its past, and recent mistakes: Burgers and Beer, The Medussa Building, the original diners loan to Steve Presser…

  2. Brian Wagner says

    It’s pretty obvious why they are financing the deal. It’s their way of keeping a local private entity beholden to them, and thus under their thumb. They financed Motorcars purchase of the Medusa building, and voila! Motorcars writes a big fat check to the campaign for the tax increase. Why do you think they gave Steve Presser all that money – he was the mayor’s personal political attack dog.

    It’s a good old Tammany Hall style patronage system. You got a problem wit’ dat?

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