The Movies Are Coming! The Movies Are Coming!

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Yes! CIFF 38 is only two days away . . . and I’m almost ready. I’ve been through the catalog, checked all the films that interest me (85), and plotted them on the schedule pages. Even seeing six a day, which is only barely possible, would not get me in to all 85.

Having a director’s pass, however, will enable me to change plans at the last minute. And although I’m a relative newcomer to the festival (attending only since CIFF 32), I’ve made several once-a-year friends who seem to like the same films I do. They will, no doubt, influence some of those last-minute switches.

Perhaps as the result of an especially long and nasty winter, my intent is to see more upbeat films and fewer downers this year. Although the following list may not reflect that goal, here are the 10 films I absolutely—at this moment—plan to see:

The Ferry
Club Sandwich
Le Week-End
Ernest & Celestine
War Story
Code Black
Ivory Tower
Peace after Marriage

While we’re contemplating CIFF 38, here’re some questions to ponder:

Will attendance at 38 surpass 37’s record-setting attendance of 93,235? (I expect so.)
Will the festival make its matching goal of $100,000? (Probably)
Is CIFF 38 The Place for Stories? (You bet it is!)

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