School Facilities progress

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12/18/2013 BOE meeting dug into Facilities matters big time:



The meeting was 3+ hours of a workshop for the Board on the how-to of information flow and decision making over the long haul. Some intial invitation of Board priorities or goals were solicited.
There will be future important meetings on Jan. 6 and 7 2014 regarding engagement that will include both staff, cities’, and community. At the 1/7/14 meeting the Facilites Accountability Committee will be announced.


  1. Allen Wilkinson says

    Time to correct the meeting dates noted 12/18/2013.
    January BofEd meetigns are now:
    Jan. 7, 2014
    Jan. 13, 2014
    Jan. 14, 2014
    The announcement letter is not explicit about any facilites activities at these meetings. However, if one goes to:
    you can find Facilites specific meetings.
    you will see BofEd meeting notices, agendas, … when they become available. Sometimes this can be quite close to the meeting happening.

  2. Allen Wilkinson says

    Yesterday, 1/3/2014 Steve Warner’s Environmental Club presented to Steve Shergalis some beginning ideas for sustainable buildings and their use in the curriculum.
    Something learned there is that the adminstration is supportive of using the sustaianble buildings as teaching tools (labs, lesson plan materials), but does not plan to introduce more Career Tech (CTE) course offerings.
    Also learned yesterday that District Adminstration is meeting Monday 1/6/2014 in-house to think through and perhaps decide on the details of the various stakeholder engagements with the Owner’s Rep (OR), Architect/Engineer (A/E), and Construction Manager at Risk (CM@R).
    The Jan. 7, 2014 Board of Ed. meeting will in part present the selectees of the Facilites Accountability Committee and the process of community engagement.

  3. Allen Wilkinson says

    Three items that may interest folks from last nights (1/7/14) Board of Ed. meeting:

    1) New Middle Schools Boundaries for the Fall of 2014 when Wiley Middle School is closed can be found here:
    Option 1 of the set of 4 was accepted by the Board. There are tables comparing the options for their impact in the several criteria used to evaluate the optipons by the consultant used, DeJONG-RICHTER.

    2) The Facilites Accountability Committee (FAC) members were announced, but no there was discussion of functional details. I have not yet found where that is posted in the District web site as of 6:00 PM today. I was not selected. So my ability to know details of the facilities progress is greatly limited.

    3) Facilites bond sales were authorized. A noted goal was to sell them soon to lock in what is believed to be the lowest interest rates. I do not know anything about the short term investing of the bond sales proceeds, and how it is projected to generate interest.

  4. Allen Wilkinson says

    If it is what you support, then ‘LIKE’ the facebook page

    CH-UH Citizens for Expanded Career Technical Education (CTE) supports enhanced and expanded opportunities for hands-on education at all levels, Pre-K through 12.

    “Like us to let the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Board of Education know you support enhanced hands-on technical education opportunities at all levels of our public schools.”

    More and better CTE curriculum in grades K-12 is not in any planning of the district to-date.

    If you don’t have facebook access, email me at to express your support. A small group is collecting the endorsements. You are also welcome to email Board members directly at (e.g.

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