Residents have questions for CH-UH Board of Education candidates

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At the Oct. 8 Candidate Forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters and FutureHeights, I moderated both the CH-UH Board of Education and the CH City Council sections. There were many questions directed to the candidates for CH-UH Board of Education that we didn’t have time for them all so I’m posting all of the questions here and inviting candidates to respond online (Please refer to the question you are responding to by number).

If you were not able to attend the forum and have a question for any of the candidates, please post it here.

  1.   What have you thought so far on school -property re-purposing?
  2.  Has the board considered a community service requirement for graduation?
  3.  Since it appears that Cleveland Heights-University Heights private schools are continuing to grow, while public schools are continuing to shrink, how can the school board be mutually supportive of each other?
  4.  The elementary school libraries are no longer staffed by certified library-media specialists which means there is no interaction and no opportunity for collaboration between teachers and library professionals. (This is inconsistent with a system that emphasizes literacy, critical thinking and collaboration.) Do you think this should change?
  5. With the exception of Sue Pardee, given the disappointing stances of our University Heights leaders, what can you share that helps us understand the bond issue is in our economic self interest?
  6. How will Issue 81 address security in the schools?
  7. Closing schools impacts neighborhoods. Does the district have any responsibility to those neighborhoods?
  8. In a concrete way, how about a community space at the closed Millikin? Couldn’t the city and district collaborate?
  9. What can you say to reassure voters that the proposed new schools will actually be architecturally suitable for teaching and learning over the long term unlike Fairfax and Boulevard, which were supposedly the best, modern architectural concept, but have been dismal failures in design and now are planned for demolition.
  10. Directed to Ron Register and Kal Zucker, I read in the LWV Voters Guide about all the things the board can’t do. What dan you do? What new ideas will you bring if re-elected?
  11. From a Heights High student: What do you plan to do to get students more involved in helping you to make critical decisions about the schools that they attend?
  12. Directed to Allen Wilkinson: What would your plans be for Millikin School property?
  13. I am disturbed at the multiple administrative leadership changes at the high school, from superintendent to principals. Do you believe we now have the leadership and expertise we need to run the schools, or will there be more instability?

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