Golden Hour: A Wine and Sign evening at Luna Bakery

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Cupcake Decorating LAB by Bridget Thibeault

Caramelized Apple & Blue Cheese Frosting Cupcakes

This past evening or ‘golden hour’* I found myself sampling the most amazing new cupcake flavor – caramelized apple  with blue cheese frosting, topped with crushed walnuts. Yes, it was a multi-layered experience. Delightful and yes,  you have to try them.

Author and Chef Bridget Thibeault

Luna Bakery owner Bridget Thibeault joined forces with local foods expert Kari Moore of FarmshareOhio to feature local cheeses and Luna’s famous cupcakes for the book signing of Cupcake Decorating Lab: 52 Techniques, Recipes, and Inspiring Designs for Your Favorite Sweet Treats.   Cupcake Decorating Lab, published by Lab Series is Bridget Thibeault’s first book.  The paperback is filled with bright colorful and engaging photos of the ‘how to’ and ‘secrets’ of easily and beautifully decorating cupcakes of all varieties.

Flipping through the pages,  I settled on the ‘Mojito’ cupcake, a proclaimed favorite of Bridget’s – complete with a hint of lime in the frosting.  (In case you need to go directly to the ‘Mojito’ Cupcake it’s Lab 35, page 88.)

Cupcake devotees: Carolyn Reali, Maura Armsworthy and Author Bridget Thibeault.  Cupcakes for everyone!

It was a great golden hour filled with both local cupcakes and local cheeses.  Mayfield Road Creamery‘s Camembert and Gouda, Lake Erie Creamery’s Orange Tarragon Chevre and Yellow House Cheese’s Wooser Pike Blue graced the table, all from Ohio cows not too far from the bakery itself.  Ok, possibly a nice drive away – but not too far by any means.  All the cheeses can be ordered locally from FarmshareOhio.

Gouda by Mayfield Road Creamery

Local cupcakes & cheese, a savory and sweet evening.

Cupcake Decorating Lab
is a lush book filled with LABS, in which each lab is a different cupcake experience and exercise.   I say “Don’t wait! – clean your cupcake pans and borrow your kids science goggles from Chemistry 101 and get going on your Labs”.   Cupcake Decorating Lab  can be found locally at Appletree Books on Cedar Road, at Luna Bakery and online at Amazon.

PS: When asked if the ‘new’ cupcake of caramelized apple and blue cheese frosting would be making another appearance at Luna Bakery, the answer was a yes. Stop by – it might be your lucky day.


*ABOUT THE ‘GOLDEN HOUR’ BLOG: In the filmmaking world there is a term called ‘Golden Hour’.  It refers to the hour before and after sunrise or sunset.  The soft light is often warmer in color and soft, thus creating a certain evocative look and feel.  Terrence Malick and Stanley Kubrick often used this time of day to film in several of their films.  In film school, Days of Heaven by Terrence Malick was the most referenced example of golden hour, with a majority of the film supposedly being film at golden hour.  Interestingly, it did win an Academy Award for Best Cinematography.  My blog posts under ‘Golden Hour’ will focus on the exciting and unique nighttime activities of the Heights.


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