The Summer Swing: The rewards of interning small

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FutureHeights intern Simone Jasper writes about her experience working on the Heights Observer:

By Simone Jasper

This summer, I have another opportunity to intern at The Heights Observer, a community-based newspaper that serves two Cleveland, Ohio, suburbs. I first interned at the newspaper for my high school senior project, and I returned this summer because the experience was so worthwhile.

The Heights Observer is published by FutureHeights, a nonprofit that seeks to improve the cities of Cleveland Heights and University Heights by encouraging people to shop locally and become engaged in their communities. The Heights Observer, which is printed monthly, covers only local news and takes submissions from community members.

While there are so many enjoyable aspects of my internship, I really value the hands-on experience that the environment offers…

Click to read the rest of her blog post at her college newspaper, Elon University’s The Pendulum.


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