TONIGHT: Cuyahoga County Public Library Board will vote on the sale of Telling Mansion

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PLEASE attend the Cuyahoga County Public Library BOARD MEETING TONIGHT, Tuesday, June 25th at 6pm in the Library Administration Building: 2111 Snow Road, Parma OH 44134 | 216.398.1800.


Telling Mansion has been the home of the South Euclid-Lyndhurst Library for the past 60 years. 

There is an ongoing legal case seeking to enjoin the Library from selling it. Next court date is 7/17/13 in Judge Timothy McCormick’s courtroom.


Please come prepared to speak at TOMORROW’S MEETING for two minutes.  Please bring a written version of your remarks to submit as part of the public record.

Here are some talking points:

•                    Citizens were denied democratic process. Taxpayers were never surveyed about what they wanted.

•                    Taxpayers were denied the opportunity to VOTE on a levy for new buildings. Instead, the Board unilaterally issued $75 million in notes (debt) that all taxpayers*must pay back along with an ADDITIONAL $100 million in interest.

•                    The Library’s Facilities Master Plan indicated that Telling Mansion would be renovated, NOT SOLD. The document supporting the issuance of the $75 million in notes indicated Telling Mansion would be renovated, NOT SOLD.

•                    Transfer of our public wealth into private hands is fiscally irresponsible.

•                    The Board plans to sell Telling for $755,000 It cost $700,000 to build Telling in 1930. The Board is using an outdated appraisal done in September 2010. Would you sell your home based on an appraisal done almost 3 years ago?

•                    Why sell this building, on the National Register of Historic Places and an Ohio Landmark for pennies on the dollar? (Look at this comparable property.) The Library Board spent $1.5 million on renovations in 2002-2003 and acquired the Telling gatehouse in 2000.  The Board is willing to sell Telling Mansion for ½ the cost of the renovations done only 10 years ago.

•                    The best and highest use of Telling Mansion is as a library.

•                    The Board does not have to sell Telling Mansion in order to build a new library.

•                    Telling is a “21st Century Library”. What cannot be done in Telling Mansion that is done in     other libraries?

•                   Operating Telling Mansion costs almost exactly  the same per square foot  as the new Warrensville branch. See this link for details.

•                    This sale is a transfer of public wealth into private hands. Our community will lose this unique and beautiful public space.  How many historic public spaces are left?

•                    What other historic public building can you enjoy with the freedom you have when that public building is a library? 

For more information or for a ride to the meeting call 216-694-8304 or email

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Directions to Cuyahoga County Public Library Board meeting:

NOTE: THERE IS NO SIGN IN FRONT OF THE LIBRARY ADMINISTRATION BUILDING. Look for the construction. Coming from the east look for Eat n Park; library is next driveway. Coming from west look for McDonald’s on OPPOSITE side of street. 

*This includes every taxpayer in Cuyahoga County and Ohio, whether or not they have a County Library in their community.


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