Another Film Festival Year (37 to be exact) and you want to get involved

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So the Film Festival is starting soon (Wednesday April 3, to be exact) and you are determined to go this year.  But you really need a good old fashioned FAQ.  Well, here are questions I do get frequently.

What movies should I go see?
You can: 
  • Ask people at the Festival which movies are the best. The first person will love a film. The second person will hate it.
  • Listen to well-respected Bill Guenzler, he Art Director of the Film festival and do what he says, or
  •  Just pick a film and see it.
 So which is the right answer? Of course it is number 3. Don’t worry about ratings or how many people liked what film. Over the years, some of the most enjoyable films have been ones that some people have hated.
Do take a chance on a different kind of film that you normally wouldn’t see. I avoid many American films because I see so many of them. Try something Eastern European, a documentary, a film from a country you couldn’t find on a map or even a gay-themed film. This is one time you can see the rest of the world or other parts of society that you miss the rest of the year.
How do I get there?

This year, with Horseshoe Casino and the Indians opener, it is never a better time to take the RTA.  Yes, you could drive a car, but you could be driving around for a while. Then, you have to wait for a shuttle. Note that RTA will NOT save you time, just frustration. Take a book to read or something like that.

You are in your car every day. Just enjoy yourself with some music and reading. Also, you will often find other Festival goers on the train or bus where you can trade movie ideas. I do it all the time.

So here are a few pointers on making your trip smooth.
If riding the trains, you don’t pay until you get to Tower City. They have machines that to pay either by cash or credit. They are a little confusing but if you are coming down multiple times, buy a 5 ride ticket. What this means is that you can use this ticket for 4 more rides.
If you are riding buses or the Health line, then you will need to pay when you board. They don’t have change machines so be sure to park
Is the RTA safe? Yes. Sometimes you have loud teenagers but safety has never been an issue.
Is your car safe? Yes. Hundreds of people park every day to take public transportation without a hitch. If you are coming at night, the lots are well-lit but I would generally park at a location in a well-lit area.
Doesn’t it get really crowded?
Yes, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. For 51 weeks out of the year, we all lament how downtown really never gets going. Then we have an event that shows off Cleveland better than anything else and we want it to be orderly. These are movie people. You don’t have to worry about riots, but revel in this chaos. We put Seattle, New York, Chicago and San Francisco to shame (for this one week).
What if a movie is on Standby?
Come anyways. Most of the films on Standby end up finding seats for most people who bought stand by tickets. Plus, if you read number 4 above, it doesn’t matter. You may end up seeing even a better film than the one on standby.
Buy your tickets TODAY at :

Okay, what did Bill Guenzler recommend?

Here are some of  his recommendations coming this weekend

  • The Exam – Hungarian thriller spies and counterspies
  • Mumbais’ King – Indian film about a teenager who avoids his violent drunkard father
  • Paradise Faith, Hope Love – This series of 3 movies explore each different theme in great detail
  • Up There – A British comedy about dead people not leaving the living people alone

See you at the movies.

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