From a far, a musical musing

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                                                                                                                        A quiet observer like myself watches the  show.

There is always one person up front who thinks they are at a Phish or Grateful Dead concert, and I thank God they are there. They are the first one, often the only one, to start swaying to the beats and rhythm of the song.   This past weekend I sat behind the free spirit and loved it.  Not immediately behind them, but back a ways.   This audience member is the  token free spirit who does not care in the least about the hundred or so people behind them or near them, that are not dancing, but secretly wish they were.  For those of us behind said free spirit,  at first we look over in curiosity abit distracted from the main performer.  A smirk might slip out from the more insecure, but more often a smile.  Then, after a glass of wine and seemingly seconds later we are swaying and cooing with the performer (in our small way of course) kind of, abit like, well not in least like, but in honor of our fearless free spirit leader up front.  I often wonder what the main performers do when that free spirit starts to feel the groove just inches from their face.  They are professionals after all, so I gather they close their eyes and sing to their Gods as they would to an empty room.  Musicians are amazing at that.  I am in awe every time I see it.

Seeing or rather, experiencing live music is something I did much more as a teenager.  Wanting to connect perhaps, wanting to know more about people and life.  Also, not being able to get into bars.  Either way, I’m grateful for whatever reason propelled me into concerts.   Many years later, today – when I finally do get to a concert, and remind myself how exciting it is – I love it and vow to myself more! More! Why am I sitting in my house at all!

In addition to the excitement of the music itself, the wonder I feel in people watching is endless.  As I sat this past Saturday night and initially watched the free spirit get into the groove, I slowly started to look around.  I am shy at first, about these things.  But under the cover of darkness, as you know, it is easy to overcome fears, even if it’s just people watching.  This night, it was an older crowd peppered with younger faces which isn’t uncommon for the venue.  In the heart of Cedar Hill, it is a jewel.

A distinguished looking BB King man sat fairly close to the front.  I would look to him on occasion to read him – was the performer good in this song? Which numbers did he respond to? He looked like a jazz performer, maybe that’s why I looked for his approval.  A super model type looking couple sat next to me in the back.  I glanced their way a few times.  Well, mostly at him. He was handsome and she was rather tall.  Whose idea was it, this outing for them?  For awhile they sat and listened, the woman even recorded the first song as they sat down.  But, they were up and down alot and I’d look over and one of them would be gone or both even. Maybe the night wasn’t going too well for them.  Another free spirit popped up half way in the middle of the first set. She had salt and pepper short hair and a huge smile.   She was delightful and brought a smile to my face each time a song moved her to movement and cries of joy.

The last time I was with a big crowd was most likely at the Cedar Lee, and how boring I am reminded of sitting with a crowd in a film. It’s nothing in comparison to the feel of anticipation as the lights go down and the musicians open up and share their world with you. It’s a wonder.  Nothing I’m saying is new – we all know the experience of a live performance can be electric. Though I’m not mentioning the musicians here, they were wonderfully fantastic and I’ll be going out more.  More! More! Encore!­

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