Birth of a backroom deal.

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The attached documents are the birth certificate of a backroom deal between the Cuyahoga County Public Library Board, County Council representative Sunny Simon, and the South Euclid mayor and city council.

Three totally tax supported public entities made this $12.6 million decision.

No matter what your opinion about the Library issue, there is no question that the process used to make the decision did not include citizens.

Despite extensive citizen efforts, these three government entities have not asked citizens to sit down with them to talk together about what is best for the community.

Isn’t it time to end the era of backroom deals and disrespect for the democratic process?

It will cost $5 million to renovate the current Library and $12.6 million to build a new Library.

The Cuyahoga County Public Library Board is appointed by the County Executive and the Court of Common Pleas.

It is time for the Library Board to be removed.

Please contact County Executive Ed FitzGerald (216) 443-7178 and Presiding Judge Nancy Fuerst (216) 443-8687 and ask them to remove the Library Board members.

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