Why is the Library for sale? South Euclid officials have been salivating over this land since 2008.

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If you tell someone that the Cuyahoga County South Euclid-Lyndhurst Mansion Library is for sale, they usually ask, “Why”

We have a logical theory that answers that question:

The city of South Euclid wants the Library and the surrounding land to be developed into mixed use and residential buildings.

How can we support this statement?

With 2 public documents. The first is a 1/12/09 draft report Review of PURD ordinances and potential development sites. The properties adjacent to the Library were identified by city officials as a potential development site. The references to the Library are highlighted in the document.

The second document: An analysis of residential market potential: Methodology appendix tables dated 11/08 makes 19 references to the “Library Site”. (Hit Ctrl F to search the document for the term.)

Local officials say they cannot force the Library Board to keep the Library in Telling Mansion-the law does not give them that power. That’s true, but irrelevant. Citizens depend on elected officials to use their political influence to bring about what is the best for our communities.

There is NO evidence that any elected official has done so. We appreciate and thank the officials who have said they do not like the idea, and we urge them to do something to save Telling Mansion. To the best of our knowledge only one official, Mr. Ward, has been quoted in the media in support of keeping the Library in Telling Mansion.

When you talk to them about Telling, and they say they can’t do anything, ask them “What have you tried?”

It’s clear that South Euclid officials want to develop the Library and the surrounding land. The city has a history of threatening land owners with eminent domain; they did so with Cedar Center. They want developers to build upscale housing, but moving the Library out of Telling Mansion is removing an amenity that attracts buyers of upscale housing.

PLEASE JOIN US  11/19/12 at 7pm for a public forum at the South Euclid Community Center, 1370 Victory Drive (behind the Giant Eagle on Mayfield Rd.) 216-291-0771.

Please wear something RED.



And, please contact:

County Councilwoman Sunny Simon: 216-241-0040 simonsunnys@aol.com.

Mayor Joseph Cicero: 440-442-5777. cicero@lyndhurst-oh.com.

Mayor Georgine Welo: 216-381-0400. mayor@seuclid.com.

And let them know how you feel.



Thanks to the authors of South Euclid Oversight Emilie DiFranco and Dave Furry for the 2 documents used in this email.

Thanks to Nancy Dinger Aikins for her beautiful photos.

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