No Impact Week Day 4: Gearity Earth Protectors inspire entire school to pitch in

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The Earth Protectors are at it again!  Today we had a great day inspiring our school.  We encouraged all the classes to recycle as much paper as possible all day long!  Normally, we have recycling…but really most kids just throw their paper in the trash….lots of the time anyway.  But today, man oh man, we hit the mother lode!

During morning announcements we called for all the classes to pitch in and make extra good efforts to recycle all paper being thrown out.  By the day’s end, we had collected 14 bags, large giant monster trash bags, full of paper!  We went all over the school to collect the paper.  It felt great!  We knew that all the paper that normally gets thrown out was going to be saved.  Hey, hey!  That’s less trees that will need to be cut down!

Haven Lee, while lugging a giant trash bag up the stairs was heard saying, ” Man!  I’m gonna fall up the stars with this ‘ol heavy load!”  Haven is a member of the 4th grade team.  4th graders Javon Young, Kailyn Young, Manny Hill and Ariel Harris also collected the recycling all up and down the school.  Haven was really inspired.  She said, “You know, we should be recycling like this every day.  This is a school.  If we don’t do it here — where we’re supposed to be learning the right way to act — where will we do it?”  Haven added, “We should start recycling glass and plastic too.  We need to make this as easy as possible.”  Well, us Earth Protectors are right there with Haven!  We love what she is saying.  We are hoping we can get more large blue recycling bins in our school so we can continue our efforts and recycle more and more paper.  This is just a start.  We want to make it a habit.

Paper, paper go in the bin!
Recycle that paper and everybody wins!

That’s a little ditty we heard a random kid in the hallway singing as he made his way to BUS 39 at the close of the day.  Looks like we have another EARTH PROTECTOR at Gearity School.  Yahoo!

Stay tuned for tomorrow. We are going back to our “pack you lunch day”.  Our focus is working on issues related to our school cafeteria. We are going to talk to our principal about getting the cafeteria to use paper plates.  We are also planning to build a compost bin in our Gearity Community Learning Garden.  Everyday we hope to dump all the compostible waste in the bin.  Students will learn about composting and get responsibilities too — they can cart the waste off to the bin.  We’re learning about soil, gardening and worms right now in Science so this is a perfect fit.  We learned worms make great fertilizer (called castings).  Worms can eat old food that would otherwise be thrown out.  Did you know worms have 5 hearts?  We learned that today.  Yesterday we made worm hotels (worm bins) so we’ll have ’em around for a while.  we will report back to you so you can see how our wormy future develops.

Pleasant dreams world.  Signing off from Gearity School…this has been another No Impact week message from your EARTH PROTECTORS!!!! :)

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