Day 4: Food

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I read Barb Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle last year; it transformed my life. Before I read it, I’d been growing my own garden, canning, drying, and freezing most of my bounty. I’ve also participated in a local community-supported agriculture (CSA) once. My efforts to buy local as much as possible is an evolving activity. Each year it actually becomes easier to eat local and support my local economy, with farmer’s markets popping up everywhere, community gardens, food shares, friends and colleagues who own their own chickens now, and even Giant Eagle is carrying local produce! It’s easy to be able to eat locally now, but even having that great access doesn’t always ensure use.

Wintertime is the hardest for me to eat locally. I am trying to stock up on potatoes, breads/grains, Ohio City pastas (they actually freeze pretty well), squash, and other hearty in-season fruits and vegetables. I certainly do not deprive myself of that Nestle candy bar (especially during October!), but I think that my small part is making a big difference.

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