Stop the Oakwood Rezoning Now

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What is the big hurry to develop the Oakwood Property? There are plenty of other uses that could benefit the region much more…

Go Green and Bring In More GreenInstead of rushing to develop a piece of land that only comes along once-in-a-century (or really once-in-history), why don’t we pool our resources and show a little imagination? Let’s show the world what we have to offer.

What is yet another retail development going to do for the region anyway? It’s plainly going to cannibalize Legacy Village, Cedar Center, and Severance. The way we’re currently approaching this ‘so-called development’ is a zero-sum game. And it is precisely what we ought not be doing. There are only so many shoppers in this region. And we’ll have many of the same retailers chasing all the same dollars. This isn’t good for anybody–least of all the developer! This so called “development plan” that’s being rammed through shows an utter lack of vision.

Imagine what could be done with the Oakwood Property

This is just a for instance. But imagine if you will for just one minute: a one-of-a-kind public/semi-private sustainable, green, eco-friendly golf & community club–and a dedicated earth-friendly sports center for eco-tourism. Sports enthusiasts and environmentally-friendly consumers could come and visit it from all over the world, and and then come and explore what the rest of Cleveland Heights, South Euclid and the rest of the region has to offer. And the visitors from outside would spend money!! The more visitors to the region the better.

We would create partnerships with one or more of the region’s schools and universities to make Oakwood the official venue for golf-related and eco-friendly sporting events. And we could tap our respective sustainable, green, eco-friendly, and progressive communities to develop one of the first sustainable golf and community clubs in the United States.  It would bring in tons of money and visitors from the outside. It would create jobs, augment the demand for housing, and increase the tax base for both South Euclid and Cleveland Heights.

The key to fully utilizing this incredible asset to its best potential is to use it to create something really unique that will bring in visitors and money from the outside

We know why it’s important for the developer to do this deal now. And we know why it’s important for Oakwood Country Club to do the deal now. What about all the residents and businesses in the region? How is it going to affect everyone else? Is this what we really want to do with a historic opportunity to improve our region?

South Euclid should stop the rezoning now. And we should have a public forum that will put the Oakwood Property to creative use to bring more money and jobs into the region.

Maybe by “going green” we can “bring in more green“, and everyone in the region can benefit.

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