Keep Heights Beautiful, Hire a Teenager

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Students, parents, even teachers, are on countdown towards the end of the 2010/2011 school year. With only days left until the chorus of “no more school” rings forth, we’re also days away from another traditional chorus, “I’m bored”. Cleveland Heights and the surrounding area in the summertime are great locations for students looking to utilize parks, pools, theaters, museums and restaurants. Even though many of these venues offer discounts, specials or lower-priced choices, these activities can still be prohibitively expensive for minors. Since bored teenagers with no money is about as pleasant a combination as dental work with no Novacane, please consider doing something to contribute to the meager pockets of  well-meaning teenagers who will be looking for something to do this summer – and needing money to do it with.

For the adults who can remember what it was like to be a teenager – too old for babysitters, playdates and all day summer camp but too young to earn the big paychecks that are believed to cure all of life’s ills – please consider hiring a student for the summer. In this economy, there is no given that the teenager in most need of the opportunity will be able to secure summer employment. With schoolwork on hiatus, the benefits of work for the teenage population are obvious. Teenagers who work form good work habits, they secure early exposure to financial management and responsibly, they are able to contribute and receive compensation through positive activities -even if they end up hating the work.

Our teenagers will be out of school for a little more than two months. Whether through babysitting, yardwork, driving an elderly citizen or helping with some much-needed spring cleaning, busy hands are occupied hands. For those students who are simply looking for something to do, Heights will be a better community if we meet our teenage population halfway with an honest recognition that “going outside to play” is not a successful strategy for staving off an entire summer of idle work.


    • Deanna Bremer Fisher says

      Sounds like a great idea to create one. From time-to-time, we need help at FutureHeights with data entry or mailings. It would be great to be able to post the need somewhere and know that teens would see it.

  1. Fran Mentch says

    Thanks for caring and writing about our kids. I share your concern about what they can do to make the most of their summer.

    That’s why many of us are very unhappy about the closing of Denison Pool. It used to employ lots of teens and also gave all the kids in the area a place to go.

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