Finding A Chair

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Eclectic Chair

We recently renovated one of the rooms in our house–or maybe it would be better to say that we innovated to rethink something old into something new, because we basically did little more than change the purpose of the room by altering its contents.  Out came the work-a-day office-oriented desk and chair and file cabinets and computer, in went the TV, and we did almost nothing else.

From of this renovation came the need (more likely only the desire) for new furnishings, including a really nice easy chair to vegetate in while the TV occupies the back of your mind.  We decided to take in a meal on Coventry and then check out the recliners at the futon store, and on the way came upon this artistic chair in the window of Big Fun.

I’ve shot this artist’s work before in what I refer to as my “studio.” Debbie Apple-Presser’s efforts to connect school children with Parade The Circle are well known to many of us. She transforms the trash cast off in big volume by current society into art.  Here is a picture of one of her lamps casting its spell on the ceiling. Thanks Steve and Debbie for finally bringing her art and Big Fun together in the store front window.  You can read more about this artist here: The picture of the chair in the window of Big Fun turns out to be the closest to a chair that my wife and I came away with that day.

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