Days 8 & 9 at the Film Festival

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When it comes down to it, whether a movie is worthwhile, it comes down to the heart.  All movies have flaws, but if the movie captures your attention or affects you in some manner, then you sometimes you are forgiving of those flaws.  Not unlike relationships.  A friend and I were discussing Anita, which I really liked, and he was just okay due to the number of inconsistencies in the movie.  While he was probably right about the defects, it didn’t matter to me as I still enjoyed the movie.  Which brings us to the current crop of movies.

The oddly named Basillcata Coast to Coast movie is a road film about a band of musicians who walk / ride horses across southern Italy to reach the coast.  They perform along the way, mostly for themselves, meet various women and reveal past stories from their lives.  While the movie was not meant to be a deep character study, I never cared enough about the people to even attempt to find a plot.  Others will find this film very funny and light-hearted.  1 1/2 * out of 4.  Saturday 1:55 pm.

Autumn God is an inspiring tables of athletes from all over the world in their 80’s, 90’s and 100’s who are competing for their version of the Olympics in Finland. As you can imagine, it is very inspiring to see spry elderly people who continue to punish themselves.  Perhaps the most interesting character is a 100-year old discus player who has knew surgery but then competes anyways.  3 stars.  Sunday 11:40 AM.

Kawasaki’s Rose is by an established Czech Director (loved “Beauty in Trouble”) that deals with forgiveness.  A well-known dissident psychiatrist will be accepting an award for his work in the 1990’s.  As the days lead up to his acceptance, new information comes to light that suggests some collaboration with the enemy.  As the plot thickens, we realize that it doesn’t just affect him, but his friends and family.  A satisfying film.  3 stars.  Sunday 4:45pm.

Films I will be seeing this weekend:  Limbo, Small Town Murder Songs, Hello How are You, The Roman Waltz, With Love from the Age of Reason and Soul Surfer.

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