Gracious Heights students do a good deed for S. Euclid

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While South Euclid is busy trying to pull every dime it can from the CH-UH school district, Heights students are giving back.

According to the CH-UH school district website, Heights senior Erin Farley and junior Shay Everett led an effort through their business class that raised $770 to help rebuild South Euclid’s Playground of Possibilities.

The $100,000 playground at South Euclid’s Bexley Park was designed to be inclusive of kids with special needs. It burned in a fire last November.

The Heights students are quoted as saying that it was no big deal; they just wanted to do something nice. South Euclid Mayor Georgine Welo gave them a certificate, and then continued the effort to pull funding from their school through property-tax giveaways to businesses interested in developing the Cedar Center North brownfield.


  1. Citizens for Oakwood says

    Bob, thanks for your astute observation!

    Regionalism wherefore art thou, regionalism?

    The investment group that is planning on developing the South Euclid part of Oakwood was asked if it is bringing a Wal-Mart Super Center to Oakwood. They did not affirm or deny.

    If something is not off the table, it is on the table.

    The proposed building is large enough to accomodate a Wal-Mart Super Center, and the developer has worked with Wal-Mart many times before.

    We cannot fight with each other–that only plays into the hands of the developer. We have to stop a Wal-Mart Super Center from being built on Oakwood.

    Cooperation and thinking regionally is the best way to preserve our quality of life-for all cities.

    We live here.


    To read more and to take action click here

  2. hrearden says

    Oakwood –

    I couldn’t agree more. These internicine battles between CH-UH-SE-Lyndhurst are ridiculous. It’s time to combine these four communities so we can stop with this childishness. It just makes financial and sustainable sense.

    Further – the Playground of Possibilities is an intriguing project. Originally it was a private group trying to build the playground, then they were unable to raise the funds to complete it – but they had already begun construction. South Euclid stepped in to bail out the project to the tune of well over $100,000 from the general fund.

    A well intended project that again highlights the financial mismanagement in South Euclid.

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